Education Abroad

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Study Abroad Programs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a short-term faculty-led experience or a semester long program with service learning or an internship component, there is a program for you. Check out the different programs to find the study abroad experience of your dreams!

Xavier-Sponsored Semester

These programs are coordinated by another US institution or organization (such as USAC, Arcos Learning Abroad, AIFS, etc.) that provides extensive service and support during your study abroad experience. Many programs are offered through other Jesuit schools providing a great academic fit. Some programs offer service-learning or internship opportunities. 

Direct Exchange Semester

These programs allow students to study at a foreign university with which Xavier has a special agreement. Often times students from these universities will study at Xavier for a semester, while you study there!

Semester in Peru 

Xavier's Semester in Peru program is in partnership with Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (UARM), a Jesuit University in Lima, and offers students the opportunity to study in a multi-ethnic context. Students will study language, culture, and societal structures through language immersion, integrated classes, and homestays. Studying in Peru will provide students the opportunity to experience, reflect and engage in the cultural, economic, and social diversity of the country. 

Xavier Faculty-led 

Students can earn 3 to 12 credit hours on these short-term programs led by Xavier faculty during summer, spring, and winter breaks. Program duration is anywhere between 10-days and six-weeks long. Some programs are major-specific, while others offer core curriculum courses for any major to participate. 

Other Short-term

Students can enroll in programs during winter, spring, and summer breaks through education abroad providers such as USAC, API, AIFS, and others.